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A Patent is a right granted to the owner of the patent to stop others from making, using or selling the invention that is the subject of the patent.  The right is granted by the Bangladesh Government by way of Patents and Designs Act, 1911.

We help our clients obtain Patent Registration in Bangladesh through drafting, processing, filing the application with the department. The following information and documents will be necessary when filing a patent application.

Application: Anybody whether Bangladeshi or expatriate and whether alone or jointly can file an application for Patent in the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks.

Specifications: A complete specification must particularly describe and ascertain the nature of the invention and the manner in which the same is to be performed. The specification must commence with the title, and in the case of a complete specification must end with a distinct statement of the invention claimed.

PCT Application in Bangladesh: In case of claiming priority based on any application filed in any PCT countries the applicant must provide the information of PCT application at the time of filing the national application and submit certified copy of the priority documents within 90 days time from the date of filing application in Bangladesh.

Filing Requirements:

  • Name of the inventor (applicant).
  • Address(s) and nationality of the inventors.
  • Two sets of specification and one set of drawing on tracing paper (transparent)
  • One set of Legalized Deed of Assignment (if any).
  • Power of Attorney [Form – 31].
  • Certified copy of the foreign patent (in case of claiming priority).
NOTE: Legalized Deed of Assignment, Power of Attorney and Certified priority documents can be submitted later within 90 days the date of filing application.

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  • Advise on Patentability/Registrability of Inventions or Ideas
  • Conducting Search Validity and Status Searching of Existing Patents
  • Preparation and Prosecution of Applications for the Grant of Patents
  • Defending Patent Rights against Third Party
  • Patent Renewal & Maintenance
  • Assignment & Licensing
  • Recording of Change of Name/Address
  • Pre- and/or Post-Grant Amendment