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Design Registration in Bangladesh has been made easy and simple.
Patent Your Inventions
A Patent is a right granted to the owner of the patent to stop others from making, using or selling the invention that is the subject of the patent.
We Protect Your Brands
Our firm offers a full scope of trademark services, including advising, how to apply for trademark registration in Bangladesh at very effective way.

We Protect Your Business

Bepary & Bepary is a well trusted and experienced Patent and Trademark Attorney firm in Bangladesh. A specialist IP law firm provides services to help you protect and manage your IP assets. We support our clients with the obtaining of IP rights as well as representing them in all fields of Intellectual Property Law.

Our team specialized in the protection of intellectual property rights, including: patents, trademarks, industrial designs, domain names and many others.

We enjoy working closely with our clients so we can advise them on the best intellectual property strategy to meet their requirements.

Whether you are an existing client or just browsing to find out more about us, we hope that this website can provide you with some useful information about our services and the way in which we aim to deliver those services to you.

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