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Our firm offers the full scope of trademark services, including advising, how to apply for trademark registration in Bangladesh at most affordable rate. We also help our clients in drafting, preparing and filing the application with the trademark department and represent them in all manners until registration.

Filing Application: Anyone claiming to be the proprietor of a Trademark may apply to the Registry of the Trademark Department for the Registration of the said Mark. Bangladeshi Nationals and Foreigners have equal rights in this regard but a Foreign Applicant must be represented by a local Agent.

Classification: Classification of goods and services are identical with the International Classification through 01 to 45, according to the International Nice Classification of goods and Services.

Foreign Priority/Convention Applications: An Applicant can claim priority of a foreign trademark within 6 months from the date of application to the member country of Paris Convention or WTO in Bangladesh.

Service Marks: Service Marks can be registered in Bangladesh. Applicants can now apply for registration of service marks in Bangladesh in International Classes 35 to 45. The International Nice Classification of Services is applicable for this purpose.

Requirements For filing An Application:

  • Name of the Mark /Logo/Device prints or representation.
  • Name of the Applicant.
  • Address and nationality of the Applicant.
  • Status of the applicant i.e. Merchandisers / Manufacturers /Service Providers
  • Specification of Goods/Services and Class i.e. in which class the mark will be applied.
  • User date of the mark (whether the mark is in use or proposed to be used in Bangladesh).
  • General/ Specific Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney (POA). The Applicants are requested to provide Power of Attorney at time of transmitting filing order. The Trademark Authority shall not accept any application without Power of Attorney. Please also refer to news & events section for more information.
Procedures For a Trademark Registration in Bangladesh :
  • Conduct Availability Search: Before going to apply for trademark registration in Bangladesh, it is advisable to conduct Bangladesh trademark search at Bangladesh trademark office to find out whether your trademark is already in use or registered by someone else.
  • Filing the Application: An application is made in the prescribed form to the Registrar of Trade Marks.
  • Acknowledgement of Application: The Registrar, upon the receipt of the application, issues Official Filing Receipt. The document contains all relevant filing details on the trademark e.g. Application Number, date of application, the trademark etc.
  • Examination of the Application: The Registrar, upon the receipt of the application, issues Official Filing Receipt. The document contains all relevant filing details on the trademark e.g. Application Number, date of application, the trademark etc.
  • Opposition Proceedings: When a trademark is advertised for opposition in the Trade Mark Journal, any person may give notice of Opposition to the Registrar within two months from the date of the publication.
  • Registration:  If no opposition is received at the expiration of the opposition period or the opposition is determined and resolved in favor of the Applicant, the Registrar is obliged to issue a Certificate of Registration for the trademark on payment of the prescribed fee.

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  • Trademark Availability Search
  • Preparation and Prosecution of Application for the Registration of Trade Mark
  • Filing Opposition
  • Renewal Trademark Registration & Maintenance
  • Recording of Assignment, Registered Users Agreement
  • Recording of Change of Name or Address
  • Taking Suitable Actions against Infringement
  • Opposition and Cancellation Action
  • Investigation