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Marks are Registrable and Not Registrable in Bangladesh

These are the list of Marks are Registrable in Bangladesh:  Invented Words  Distinctive representations  Numerals  Drawings  Shapes  Packaging of goods  Music, Vocal Sounds  Fragrances  Colours  3D Signs  Signatures  Letters  Symbols  Pictures  Photographs  Words...

Turn Your Ideas to Profitable Patents

An excellent idea could spring into your head. Regardless of the originality, quality and need for your invention, you will never find success, if the research and development do not meet modern standards. When you first sketch down your initial product design,...

How you can protect your intellectual property

“I have been told to protect my intellectual property. What should I protect and how should I go about it?” Intellectual property includes original works, names and logos, and unique products and processes and is protected by trademarks, patents and copyrights....

Trademark Journal 275

The Trade Mark Authority has published the latest Journal 275 on December 30, 2014. It is now open for opposition for 60 days of publication.